About Nims Welcare Hospital & Meditrina Heart Centre

Social responsibility as a core concept, AV Group, a service oriented firm started its operation in 1981, under the visionary of our beloved father Ambalath Veetil Abdul Rahman Haji. AV Group shows its excellence in wide ranges of business like hospitality, restaurants, software development, shopping complexes, infra structural development, hospitals and so on, with legs firmly on the ground and with full gratitude.

In Palakkad, famously known as the land of paddy fields, the Nims Welcare Hospital completes its remarkable 16 years of health care service. Rather than celebrating this occasion, it’s time for diversification and to bring the treatment in this hospital to international standards, and thus repaying their gratitude for its home town.

Palakkad majority population relies on agriculture, in order to provide better modern treatment at reasonable cost, we lay the foundation for Nims Welcare Hospital long 16 years back. We are proud to announce that the Nims Welcare Hospital laid the foundation for the multi specialty hospital concept in the health care sector in Palakkad. We introduced super specialty concept with specialized doctors under each branch of medicine first ever in Palakkad. In 2009, we are the first group to introduce IVF Centre in Palakkad and as a part of this we created history by giving birth to the first test tube baby of Palakkad and thus giving enormous families the blessing of having a child through this treatment.

On the further growth of Nims Welcare Hospital, We are joining hands with Meditrina Hospitals, a multi specialty heart hospital chain in India, to form Meditrina Nims Welcare Heart Centre, which provide state- of- the -art treatment at reasonable cost which is being first among the district ,that keep such standard. Thus we are now clubbing with world renowned Italian Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Imad Shaiban, the master of complicated balloon angioplasty specialist and the record holder of maximum success rate in treatment and Meditrina Hospitals Chairman and Managing Director Dr. N Prathapkumar, famous Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Anoop Gopinath and a team of 20 cardiologists are going to secure the hearts of people of Palakkad.

On this journey we would like to gratefully remember and express our sincere thanks to all our mentors and leaders. Six decades long professional experienced in Gynecology, Dr. C.S Warrier, was an eminent pillar from the start of Nims Welcare hospital and his services still continues with whole hearted involvement in all activities with so much energy and dedication. Dr. Pradeep, who made Nims Welcare Hospital so common and known to everyone in Palakkad, with his skill of treatment and his Interventional Neurological experience. He is a renowned national level known Senior Neurologist and led us from the front with all his expertise. Dr. N.M Arun, our famous General Medicine Doctor, who is so famous among poor people, even he is known as Doctor of Poor’s helped us to make a permanent trust about treatment among the patients of this district. We express our sincere thanks to all of you.

From the starting, towards all its growth, development and diversification and to new heights, we have full trust on the people of Palakkad and this love and affection makes our commitment and confidence to move forward. The support, cooperation, affection and blessing of our well wishers are our real asset. All your love, affection and association that shown all the years are expected in future too.

Nims Welcare Hospital
Nims Welcare Jn, Palakkad 678 006. Landline: 0491 2543166 Mob:9946723456

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